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Tundra Programs & Memberships

Group Training

This is for the member, beginner or experienced, that is at Tundra to be motivated and workout with other people who have the same mindset.

Personal Training

This program can be prescribed to the member who is intimidated by group fitness. This can also be for the athlete who has very specific goals they would like to reach at a specific amount of time.


This is prescribed to the athlete who is ready to see results, and tired of neglecting healthy habits. This doesn’t mean a quick fix diet, this is the first step to a balanced lifestyle.


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Websites are great but we want to sit down and get to know YOU and learn about your health and wellness goals.


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No two people are alike so why should your fitness plans be the same? We offer a number of different programs and memberships to fit your exact needs.


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Fitness Potential

You have a plan that aligns with your goals and supportive community to help you along the way. Enjoy your new healthy lifestyle!

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